Chef Scotty has designed and created his own catering companies, Red Chile Catering Company and ChileCo Catering, and Eden, his restaurant and bar in the Hillcrest area of San Diego.

He has also used his flair and his management skills to create menus, business plans, training plans, develop products and other capital for clients, some of whom are listed in the Projects section of his portfolio. Whether you are a restaurateur looking to revitalize your menu with fresh ideas and recipes or creating a business plan for a future project, Chef Scotty has contributed his experience and expertise and his keen eye for detail to numerous projects. Chef Scotty has a proven track record of evaluating businesses, assessing the strengths and weaknesses followed by a comprehensive outline of profit generating possibilities. Contact Chef Scotty for additional information, including sample plans, and referrals.


Chef Scotty Catering / Indulchi

  • Madison, Wisconsin

Eden Restaurant and Bar, Hillcrest, San Diego

  • An entertainment multiplex featuring Chef Scotty’s global organic cuisine, garden patio bar, .boutique bistro, and ultra hip dance bar.

ChileCo Catering Company, San Diego

Red Chile Catering Company, Laguna Beach

  • Southern California top green Caterer, 2003, by CaterSource Magazine



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