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Executive Chef Scott Wagner developed very early passions for cooking, culture, gardening, herbs and the environment. At the age of six, the serious chef-in-waiting could be found huddled over his Fisher Price “ready bake” oven. But it did not take long for that passion to lead him to the kitchen where he secretly conducted early culinary trials. These trials would lead the aspiring artist to regularly prepare three course meals from his most recently rented cookbook.

A native of a rural farm town in Wisconsin, Wagner assumed responsibility for the family garden and transformed a patch of land into an extensively diverse garden with over one hundred herbs, forty vegetables and thirty varieties of fruit.

“Everything I learned about optimal organic flavors was conceived as an apprenticing farmer … digging in the dirt!”  READ MORE


"To say Chef Scotty is perfection is not enough. He made my fairytale wedding a reality".
~Lisa L

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