Angelfools of Gold for Fishing Is Not My Game but Truth Shall Tell All the Same

Busy as hell these days as my company, Chi Cuisine has been receiving limitless inquiries after running our “20% off any catering event booked by April 1st, 2013”

It is also noteworthy to mention our new policy is just ONE event per day & CHEF SCOTTY is guaranteed to be there!. I ain’t no Spring Chicken but I still think of myself as the “more of most host” like a tickery-toc-toe, jammy jam, Buddhist believing, sweet potato slinging personality plus person that just so happens to be a pretty damn good culinary & event artist. Pass this savings along (ie: a referral to our services) and should they book???? You get 20% off your event redeemable at any time you so choose. Now that’s one hell of a deal folks!!!!

It’s Friday and if I was as organized as I endeavor to be . . . this would have been written on Wednesday leaving me but one day’s luxury of kitchen enslavement before this weekend’s procession of events. I’m effortlessly weathered, substantially tethered and fearlessly feathered; which is to say that I’m walking that very fine line between reality & fantasy . . . and that’s when Scotty is in his groove.

Gone fishing I did & did I ever catch one. I’ve raised my vibration in accepting my circumstance without misgivings in hopes of not screwing up this potential scenario of love. I wrote too much last time and it snapped the line, more or less freaked out the gentleman caller, so we’ll leave it to the simplicity that I would very much enjoy sharing the burdens & beauties of life with one of equal nature and envious heart. This guy has the right stuff, maybe so righteous as to alkalize my mannerisms and make a more better me. (bad English that sounds good right now). I used to think my soul purpose was to make a difference in saving our Earth. Creeky bones, stolen businesses, burns and old fashioned bitters have me thinking I’ve missed out on too much life . . . always placing the future before the now & ignorance playing the devils advocate of all things past. Somehow I screwed up the equation or never understood the question. I never liked math anyways.

With Culinary Blessings & a Fortunateous St. Patty’s Day

Chef Scotty

Recipe for Marley Mojo Macaroonsmacaroon picture
By Chef Scotty

4 Cups of Organic, Naturally Shredded Coconut
1 Cup of Almond Meal
1 Cup of Free Range Egg White
1 Cup of Evaporated Organic Cane Sugar
2 Tbsp Vanilla Extract
2 Tbsp Fresh, Organic Ginger
1 tsp, Green Cardamom

Mix together the egg white, cane sugar, vanilla extract, cardamom . . .mix it good, nobody wants stringy eggwhites, then add the almond meal and shredded coconut. Scoop about 3 oz balls (about a heeping spoonful) and scrunch up in the palm of your hands. Put on a sheet pan and bake at 375% for about 15 minutes.
*Note: Feel free to add a splash of almond extract, rosehip water or even orange blossom water