A Broken Record for a Healing Heart

A broken record for a healing heart, I have taken forever to get back to my daily journal but in light of my scribbulure (new word) absence . . . I have ascended to new heights with regards to my business and personal life! Life certainly is a wild ride.


Def: to write by manner of spontaneous thought without prejudice or care of outside opinion

Last June, I was still in sleeping on a 5 foot cot in the midst of Mr. Wilson’s hand-me down, desperately need be thrown away, material clutter. My business was sustainably undercapitalized and my extensively ridiculous lawsuit with my ex-business partner continued to suffocate my mentality and pocketbook with little hope of resolution. My few attempts at love left me stumbling for hope and nearly eradicated my hopelessly romantic faith that storybook “True Love” would ever discover my genuine quest to share a future worthy of equals.

Today, I own a reputable consulting firm, a catering company on the rise throughout Southern California and a new endeavor of duel flanks that promises more than common day riches founded from nothing more than “beans and nuts.” I drive a charcoal Jeep Commander with all of the amenities and live in a Mission Hills three bedroom house set upon a hill off soothing Eucalyptus Trees. Even yet, I went on my first date in 8 months (and yes – it was one of those internet inspired considerations) and too may foolish delight . . . I was greeted by crystal blue eyes that reflected nothing but sincere heart, mind and soul. Happiness has many faces but this I know – belief in oneself and something beyond that is better for the all is the only path worthy of walking (most that know me might disagree . . that I only run naked in the wind of vulnerability and venerable intention; reluctant to embrace the need for personal satisfaction in favor of pursuing a more grandeur cause and worldly contribution).

In earnest salutations, I, Scotty Wagner, am officially back and I have brought with me an amazing collage of talented colleagues, friends of virtuous loyalty, clients of appreciative nature and family of both blood and valor well beyond friendship that forms the brick and mortar beneath my feet. I am ready to run towards unlimited possibilities with ageless perseverance and even more evident is my readiness for a relationship of love . . . maybe it’s my Missouri blue eyed, soft spoken man or maybe it’s not – either way, I’m certain my destiny deserves the accompany of someone to share the glory and support the times of trial that surely await myself and those close to my heart – the businesses being pivotally integrated to my life; no longer constraining my life.

With unlimited gratitude & blessings,