“Don’t Bite the Hand that Feeds You”

February 1st, 2022

I dug the blue rubber band cutlets out of the avocado toast; guess I wasn’t awake yet. A reawakening is in the works, and slowly but surely, I’m getting back to me. Day 15, no alcohol, replaced with raw turmeric by the ounce and ginger-lemon tea by the gallon. I’m even taking a multivitamin …yes, I know. Mom said it best: “Whatever you do, you do it full throttle be it good or bad.”

Some random observations:

1) I don’t take care of myself. Harsh truth. After the last several years of slaving, a 4-month dedicated approach to clean living fell apart when I started working 100hr weeks – again. Between managing the kitchen at a golf resort and simultaneously getting my catering company Indulchi up and running, instead of sprinting, the experience turned out to be more like tripping.

2) Mother Mary Cleo’s 73rd birthday was yesterday. I think we all could stand to treat our parents with a little more compassion and gratitude (there are exceptions, of course). They fed our minds with their best versions of their own wisdom, beyond our tender years, and nurtured our souls as we became who we are today, for better or worse. It is what it is, so you might as well embrace the truth.

3) I had a spell with a superb-ulously spoiled client on a recent adventure where I played executive chef on a private island.

She: “You have to understand Scotty, we are unfiltered folks and know what we want.”
Me, (to myself, since my professionalism outweighed my indignation):
Hmm, well I believe there is a difference between being unfiltered and acting outright damned disrespectful. Seriously – do you want to piss of the chef on day two by requesting French toast for breakfast, then leaving it for the flies to devour and running off to yoga, only to return an hour later to demand eggs benedict, extra crunch on gluten-free bread, crispy bacon and smoked salmon with a side of fruit salad, presented in all perfectly squared dimensions of 2cm by 2cm?
I ask myself, is it worth it?
4) As I currently undergo an evaluation of my skills as an entrepreneur (failure seems to be a trend disposed to my actions, or lack thereof), it’s important to adore those loyal to my pursuit for/of success. Time to focus on mutually beneficial and symbiotic relationships, and not dwell on the many disappointments that have littered my exceedingly long highway to happiness. Who am I to judge anyone else? I instigated this incredibly ambitious task to build a new business, during a global pandemic no less!
Perhaps I should get off my ass right now and respond to our catering sales leads. Time to brush my teeth and bite into life with renewed insight, increased diligence, and a fire to pursue the next accomplishment.
In all honesty, I have been gnawing on my subconscious like a caged Tasmanian Devil on Adderall. I’m not out of the woods yet and can’t clearly see the sky from where I type, but I am fastidiously digging out of my hole. I am optimistic for today, while churning tomorrow’s butter.
Just please do not ask me to quit smoking – yet.
Deep in thought-
Ingredient: Tasmanian Black Peppercorn / Dak Song Peppercorn … it has several names – super citrusy with a slight numbing effect
Secret: When making Avocado Toast, try to pan-fry your slice of bread (I like Ezekiel) in lemon or chili oil
Song: My theme song for last year is appropriate to kick off this first journal entry for 2022 “Treat you Better” by Rufus du Sol