Hanging by a Thread

Feb 2nd, 2022

So, let’s think about that statement for a millisecond. If one were to grip a needle-thin thread with their rather large sweaty palms … wouldn’t that be an Olympics-worthy accomplishment? At least worthy of a selfie? Let’s say you’re dangling above the living rapture itself, filled with a bask (jeopardy trivia points) of ravenous crocodiles. Maybe this represents the Republican Party. Too much? Then maybe this represents the anti-global warming confederates. The point is, if I WERE hanging by a thread, I would be Zorro with a super bad ass cape, saving the world one distressed damsel or lame donkey at a time.

www.chefscotty.comLife has its way of challenging you to be a better you. How we manage those challenges forms a perception of who we are to others. I loved reading everyone’s responses to my last post, and definitely gathered a bundle of insight into whom many of you think I am. How I perceive myself is so complex that I won’t even attempt to psycho-explicate (how do you like THAT word!) a tangible depiction for others, much less endeavor to enlighten my own ego. I rationalize my past actions. I forgive myself a little too freely but ultimately, when I stand before the mirror – I love who I am. Wrestling with the Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka (professional wrestler – look him up! My brother fears him from too many bedside launched headbutts) consciousness and confronting how much of me is Chef Scotty, I am born again. I’m nimble to breaking learned habits that have not served my higher purpose; remembering the truth and listening with both ears; seeing with duplicity and situating my spirit on a pedestal of questionable adoration. Today I have the time at last to share, in a measure of self-transition, with the hope that some scribbling fool’s words might help ease your own mental treadmill or garner the courage to grip tighter.

I wish Danny would have grasped onto one of several salvation lifelines I threw out to him, and then maybe we would be snuggled up watching the Wheel of Time, navigating Udon noodles with chopsticks, and sharing the escape beneath a plush Utopia blanket. I choose to ever gently pull down on the thread until the ledge is within my reach, heave myself upright (which currently is a little easier as I’m up to 57 sit-ups a day), and climb upon perfectly fitted and ever weathered saddle of Toronado (Zorro’s steed) since who-the-hell-knows where I am. I ain’t walking, and we all need a little help sometimes; might as well have four hooves. I am, therefore I must be, and be all that I can be is what I will do. May this today reach an even more glowing tomorrow – damn straight it will!

With positive vibes to all,

Ingredient: Sunchoke also called Jerusalem Artichoke
Secret: You won’t find this everywhere (whole foods is a safe bet), sort of looks like ginger root but has a sweetness to it and delicious crunch. Great for adding to salads or using as a canape base (something to scoop hummus with). Chalking up the plate picture above, I am going back to the basics with simple food preparations (say 8 minutes) of healthy food. I broiled the sunchokes in with the other organic veggies and poached the halibut in oregano infused olive oil with a touch of black garlic.

Song: Adelaide by Maria BC